Alexander Stoddart to Become Honorary Fellow of the DLCC

Alexander (Sandy) Stoddart,  Her Majesty’s Sculptor in Ordinary in Scotland, has recently accepted an Honorary Fellowship with the DLCC. Stoddart is known for figurative neoclassical sculptures, his most famous works including the bronze statues of David Hume (pictured left) and Adam Smith on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. In Oxford he is responsible for the bronze frieze at the Sackler Library depicting an allegory of traditionalist and modernist values. He was awarded a Doctorate by the University of Paisley in 1997, an Honorary Doctorate by Glasgow University in 2006 and is Honorary Professor in the Department of Arts and Media, University of Paisley. In addition to his renowned artworks he has given numerous talks on the relation of contemporary and historical art to wider society, and to the world’s great spiritual and philosophical traditions. As someone with a a long standing interest in the relationship between spirituality and the arts, and its implications for personal and civic virtues, the DLCC is delighted to welcome Alexander Stoddart to its team.