Compassion Matters project update

We are delighted to announce that the DLCC’s Compassion Matters educational outreach pilot has progressed with the project now rolled out to schools across the UK. Compassion Matters works with schools across the UK in supporting young people to develop intellectual and practical intellectual and socio-emotional skills by exploring ethical issues and concepts via a series of dynamic multi-media teaching resources for primary schools.

Compassion Matters learning resources are out of the box and designed by teachers to ensure they are accessible for teachers with little or no experience of teaching ethics or moral philosophy. Each of the projects five modules centre around a documentary film created by an award-winning production company with each film explores an individual who embodies the theme of the module creating an engaging and dynamic jumping off point for exploring the topic. Learning resources include lesson plans, worksheets, projects, reading lists and homework ideas.

Through developing and sharing learning resources in partnership with schools we want to equip children to think critically about ethical issues, and above all, to see that compassion and its related values are the keys not only to a happier, more harmonious society but also to individual wellbeing. Working with primary school-aged children was essential to the charities trustees as the ability to positively shape children’s engagement with ethics, moral reasoning and philosophy. We continue to explore the impact of Compassion Matters with our schools and look forward to discovering more about the positive impact of our learning resources.

Modules focused around Compassion, Courage and Happiness are currently available for primary schools across the UK to download from our website compassion-matters.org. Modules focused on wisdom and justice are due for completion in November and December 2018.

Below are some images of our work with schools, films and learning resources. We will continue to post updates on the DLCC website as the project progresses during the academic year. If you are involved with a primary or prep school who would be interested in participating in the project or would like to support the project to expand please do not hesitate to get in touch with the projects Executive Director, Jimi Slattery (jimi@compassion-matters.org).