Compassion for Schools

We are very pleased to announce a new and exciting project, Compassion for Schools. We are further delighted to announce that the project will be developed during the coming year in partnership with the renowned Dragon School in Oxford.

Regular readers will recall that during August 2016, the Director of the DLCC, together with some friends of the Centre, met with HH the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. During a wide ranging discussion, His Holiness made clear his hope that the Centre could contribute to the introduction of ethics classes, based on compassion, to children at the secondary and even primary stage of their education.

The DLCC has since developed materials to be trialled at the Dragon School in the coming, Spring term. These are being produced in consultation with experts with experience teaching children from a wide range of backgrounds, and with a particular view to incorporating ethics across the different disciplines.

Our intention is to begin developing AV resources to complement the classes with a view to having a full range of teaching resources available by the beginning of the next academic year. Once they have been satisfactorily trialled, these materials will be translated for use by international partner schools, of which we already have two keen to join the project – one in Germany and one in Poland.

Further information about Compassion for Schools will be published in the coming weeks.