Conference Videos

All the footage from our first conference is now up on the videos page of the website.

The videos are as follows:

Alexander Norman: Welcome and Introduction

The DALAI LAMA CENTRE FOR COMPASSION is a non-confessional, interdisciplinary research centre and policy think-tank. Its foremost concern is to research compassion and its role in human affairs and to promote compassion in public policy.

Fr. Richard Conrad OP: Caught up with Jesus and Mary in God’s Compassion

God—”He Who Is”—is beyond change and emotion, so in a literal sense God, as God, does not suffer. But the powerful metaphor of God’s compassion points us to dimensions of his infinite love, which is manifest as mercy.

Stephen Priest: Science and Spirituality

Science has two kinds of limit: Subjective and objective. Some questions are too intimate, too personal, too subjective, for science to answer. Some questions are too large, too remote.

Geshe Tashi Tsering: Compassion in Buddhist Practice

Compassion is the basis of all the good human qualities, particularly moral ethics. Although we all have the ability to show compassion to ourselves and others, still these can be enhanced through practising it again and again.