Death of DLCC Fellow, Derek Parfit

Death of DLCC Fellow, Derek Parfit DLCC Fellow and Emeritus Professor of All Souls College, University of Oxford, Derek Parfit died on 1st January 2017.

Professor Parfit was an immensely influential ethicist whose groundbreaking work served to define several ongoing discussions. His 1984 book, Reasons and Persons advanced challenging arguments on a range of understudied topics and raised serious questions concerning the duties of those currently living to future generations. His 2011 book On What Matters comprises a resolute defence of the existence of objective reasons to act for the benefit of others.

It has been a great honour to have Professor Parfit as a Fellow of the DLCC. On being invited to join the team he expressed his great admiration for the Dalai Lama and for the Buddhist ethical tradition. He also emphasised how important an enterprise he felt the DLCC to be.

We deeply regret that Professor Parfit’s affiliation with the Centre has been cut short.