Derek Parfit to become Honorary Fellow of the DLCC

The DLCC is delighted to announce that preeminent ethicist, Professor Derek Parfit, will be joining the centre as an Honorary Fellow. Professor Parfit is Emeritus Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College, University of Oxford, and has taught as a visiting professor of philosophy at New York University, Harvard, and Rutgers. He is the author of Reasons and Persons, a groundbreaking study of morality and personal identity, and the monumental two volume work On What Matters. The latter has been described as the most significant work in moral philosophy since Henry Sidgwick’s The Methods of Ethics. In recognition of his extraordinary contributions to the field of ethics Professor Parfit was awarded the Rolf Shock Prize for Logic and Philosophy by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 2014. Professor Parfit has also expressed an interest in Buddhist philosophical thought, elements of which have often been considered deeply commensurate with his own work. As one of the leading lights in contemporary ethics it is a great pleasure to welcome Professor Parfit to our team.