Law and Compassion

The DLCC has teamed up with the journal Politics & Poetics and other sponsors to hold an afternoon colloquium on Monday the 11th of June, between 4-7 p.m., in the Aula of  Blackfriars Hall, Oxford. The topic is ‘Law and Compassion‘. This event is co-sponsored by the DLCC, The Humane Philosophy Project, and The Aquinas Institute of Blackfriars, Oxford. 

This event will include:

  • Boudewijn Sirks (All Souls College) on ‘Misericordia Implicit in Duty-Based Legal Systems’
  • Louise Parker (Copenhagen) on ‘Compassion and the Judiciary’
  • Jonathan Price (Oxford & Leiden) on ‘Institutional Agape’
  • Speakers’ Panel, including Fr Richard Conrad on the paper by Richard Ekins, ‘The Bounds of Compassion and the Dissolution of Nations’, which is available in Politics & Poetics
  • Reception to follow (location announced at event)

Attendance at this event is free and open to the public.