Richard Moore to Become Honorary Fellow of the DLCC


We are delighted to announce that Richard Moore, founder of Children in Crossfire has joined the DLCC as its latest Honorary Fellow.

In 1972, aged 10 whilst on his way home from school, Richard Moore was blinded by a rubber bullet fired at point blank range into his face in Derry, Northern Ireland.  Amazingly, from childhood to the present day, he has never allowed bitterness to stunt his development.

In 1996 he felt the need to harness all that he had learned and put it at the service of humanity, particularly children. He thus founded Children in Crossfire, an international development organisation, committed to the promotion and protection of the rights of vulnerable children caught in the crossfire of poverty.  It works in partnership with local organisations in Africa, specifically Tanzania & Ethiopia to deliver projects on the ground, protecting the rights of vulnerable children, providing access to clean water, food, health and education.

In 2006, 33 years after the incident, Richard Moore and the soldier who fired the bullet met for the first time and have remained friends. He first met His Holiness the Dalai Lama at an event in his hometown of Derry, Northern Ireland where he spoke to a group of people from across the political and religious divide who had been directly affected by the conflict there.

In May 2010 His Holiness was announced as the Patron of Children in Crossfire, and has spoken several times at its events, often describing Richard Moore as “my hero”.