Compassion at the Interface of Self and Other

Any writer is familiar with the feeling of spending so long looking at a word on the page that it appears to be spelled incorrectly, even though they know it to be correct. Sartre describes the sensation of looking at your hand and it no longer appears to be the … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions: A Student’s Guide

January is the time for hastily made, easily broken New Years resolutions. Perhaps in the depths of a New Years Day hangover you resolved to stop drinking, or after trying for over five minutes to squeeze into your old skinny jeans that fit perfectly in November, you resolved to eat … Continue reading

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A Christmas Message From The Dalai Lama Centre For Compassion

In the run up to this Christmas, with the shopping mania intensifying, there seemed to be a greater emphasis than ever on the materialistic (since when was Black Friday a UK thing?), while at the same time many of my friends and family have never felt more lacklustre at the … Continue reading

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In his best-selling manifesto for a more compassionate society, ETHICS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM, the Dalai Lama makes a startling claim. He says that, fundamentally, human nature is compassionate. In support of this claim, the Dalai Lama points out that increasing numbers of scientific studies provide compelling evidence to support … Continue reading

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