Conference: Transhumanism

On 3rd-8th April 2017 DLCC Fellow Dr. Dr. Benedikt Göcke has organised a wide ranging conference on the theme of transhumanism. This event will also feature a talk by DLCC Fellow Ralph Weir.

Transhumanism is the thesis that we should deploy the means provided by the sciences to change human nature and its environment to meet our ends. Examples range from moderate extensions of existing medicine to radical alteration of our natural characteristics. Reactions to transhumanism have tended towards extremes: some assume that it will inevitably lead to a utopian heaven, others that it will directly lead to a dystopian hell.

It is agreed by all parties that the scientific and technological advances that have brought the transhumanist agenda to the fore raise immense and urgent ethical questions: to what extent is it morally permissible for us to interfere with our very nature; and how should we address the ethical challenges to which such action gives rise? Furthermore, are we morally culpable if we deny those who need them the benefits transhumanism has to offer? In his work for the DLCC Dr. Dr. Göcke himself has responded to the latter question arguing that compassion demands an openness to moderate transhumanism.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together some of the best national and international researchers to discuss and evaluate the impact of transhumanism on theology, philosophy, and the sciences. It will take place at the Akademie Franz-Hitze-Haus in Münster, Germany.