Transhumanism Publication

The DLCC is delighted to announce the publication of a new volume on the ethics of transhumanism by Verlag Herder in Germany.

The volume is edited by DLCC Fellow, Dr Benedikt Göcke, and builds on Dr Göcke’s previous research for the DLCC on compassion and transhumanism. It brings together papers by experts across a wide range of disciplines including philosophy, natural science, and theology.

The collection also contains a paper on the philosophical anthropology presupposed by transhumanism by DLCC Fellow Ralph Weir.

Transhumanism is an intellectual movement that argues for the widespread use of human technological enhancements for ethical ends. With a large and growing following that cuts across religious and cultural divides, transhumanism has become a central topic in current ethical debates.

The publication will be released in March 2018 but is already available for preorder at Amazon.de.

At present papers in this volume are only available in German. English language research papers, presenting Dr Göcke’s work for the DLCC can be viewed in Faith and Philosophy, and the Journal of Posthuman Studies.