His Holiness the Dalai Lama about secular ethics


  • Oxford Classes on Buddhist Ethics

    Oxford Classes on Buddhist Ethics

    This Hilary Term the Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion will be offering a series of lectures introducing Buddhist ethics. The series will be conducted by Dr Dechen Rochard, Fellow of the DLCC. It will take place from 5:30pm-6:30pm on Wednesdays at Seminar Room East, Mansfield College with the first meeting taking place … Continue reading →
  • DLCC Lecture, Simon Baron Cohen

    DLCC Lecture, Simon Baron Cohen

    On 16th January 2017 DLCC Fellow, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen will deliver a talk on the topic of empathy in psychology. This event is free and open to the public and will take place in the Danson Room, Trinity College, Oxford from 1:30pm-3:00pm. A sandwich lunch will be provided in the Danson … Continue reading →
  • Personal Virtue and Economics

    Personal Virtue and Economics

    Reflections Professor Kenneth Stikkers’ October 28th lectures for the DLCC On Friday 28th of October I had the pleasure of hearing Professor Kenneth Stikkers speak on the philosophy of economics for the DLCC. Both of Professor Stikkers’ talks focussed on the question whether, contrary to classical economic theory, personal virtue has … Continue reading →
  • The Quality of Mercy

    The Quality of Mercy

    On Friday 2nd December, the poet Lemn Sissay will deliver the 6th annual lecture of The Forgiveness Project on the topic The Quality of Mercy. The Forgiveness Project, an organisation founded by DLCC Fellow Marina Cantacuzino uses the real stories of victims and perpetrators to explore concepts of forgiveness, and to encourage … Continue reading →
  • Compassion Talks at Brighton College

    Compassion Talks at Brighton College

    As part of a planned Compassion For Schools initiative, Alex Norman, Director DLCC, spent the morning of October 18th with children of various ages at Brighton College, speaking about the ethics of compassion. In his Assembly address, he described how as an infant the Dalai Lama was identified as the … Continue reading →
  • Communicating Values Today

    Communicating Values Today

    DLCC Fellow Dr Mikolaj Sławkowski-Rode has been invited to give a keynote address to the European bishops responsible for social communications on the theme of communicating values today. This event will take place in Glasgow, November 2016. In addition to being a Fellow of the DLCC Dr Sławkowski-Rode member of the … Continue reading →


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