His Holiness the Dalai Lama about secular ethics


  • Compassion and Mourning

    Compassion and Mourning

    Compassion and Mourning: the costs and benefits of emotional involvement Emotional involvement in others’ suffering comes at a cost. An obvious example is the ‘compassion fatigue’ felt by care-workers who have to deal with the emotional strain caused by exposure to human suffering on a daily basis. This kind of experience is … Continue reading →
  • Compassion in Action Conference

    Compassion in Action Conference

    On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th of September 2017 the Director of the DLCC, Alex Norman, accompanied by a small group of DLCC personnel attended Children in Crossfire’s (CiC) Compassion in Action conference, a celebration of the charity’s 20 years of activities. Children in Crossfire was founded by DLCC Fellow, … Continue reading →
  • Benedikt Göcke on Moderate Transhumanism

    Benedikt Göcke on Moderate Transhumanism

    DLCC Fellow Professor Benedikt Göcke’s research for the DLCC on the ethics of transhumanism has recently been published in leading philosophy of religion journal, Faith and Philosophy. In this paper Professor Göcke discusses the implications of Christian ethics for transhumanism. In a forthcoming piece Göcke examines the relationship between compassion generally, … Continue reading →
  • Compassion Matters Pilot

    Compassion Matters Pilot

    The DLCC is delighted to announce the successful piloting of its Compassion Matters course at the Dragon School, Oxford, on 19 th June 2017. Entitled simply ‘What is Compassion?’ the pilot opened with a whole school Assembly featuring a film, specially commissioned from the respected Green Lions production company, called … Continue reading →
  • New Visiting Fellow, Alex Moran

    New Visiting Fellow, Alex Moran

    The DLCC is very pleased to announcement that it has taken on a new intern and Visiting Fellow, Alex Moran. The Arts and Humanities Research Council UK has awarded funding to support an 8 month placement during which Alex will work closely with the other personnel at the Centre. His first … Continue reading →
  • Conference: The Value of the Humanities

    Conference: The Value of the Humanities

    The DLCC invites participants to join us for a conference on the 24th and 25th September on the Value of the Humanities. The conference will present output of the AHRC Research Project on the value of the humanities at the University of Cambridge 2016–17 alongside contributions from leading thinkers including philosopher … Continue reading →


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