His Holiness the Dalai Lama about secular ethics


  • Stefan Riedener becomes DLCC Research Fellow

    Stefan Riedener becomes DLCC Research Fellow

    The DLCC is very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Stefan Riedener as a Research Fellow of the DLCC. Dr Riedener is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Zurich’s Centre for Ethics. He received his undergraduate degree in philosophy, German literature and mathematics from the University of Zurich, and … Continue reading →
  • DLCC Reception, The Charterhouse

    DLCC Reception, The Charterhouse

    Last week, in the Elizabethan splendour of the Great Chamber of London’s Charterhouse, an evening reception hosted by world-renowned actress and activist Joanna Lumley marked the launch of the DLCC’s major fundraising programme. The event also marked the launch of its Compassion Matters programme, in partnership with the Dragon School, … Continue reading →
  • Transhumanism Conference

    Transhumanism Conference

    On 3rd-8th April 2017 DLCC Fellow Dr. Dr. Benedikt Göcke has organised a wide ranging conference on the theme of transhumanism. This event will also feature a talk by DLCC Fellow Ralph Weir. Transhumanism is the thesis that we should deploy the means provided by the sciences to change human nature and … Continue reading →
  • More on Compassion for Schools

    More on Compassion for Schools

    The DLCC’s Compassion for Schools project announced here is progressing fast with several classes already in development. Further information about the initiative is provided below. The purpose of the Compassion for Schools project is to introduce secular ethics into primary and secondary education in the UK and beyond. Today’s world … Continue reading →
  • Ancient Wisdom: Modern World

    Ancient Wisdom: Modern World

    Reflections on Professor Paul Lodge’s Michaelmas 2016 seminars on the Dalai Lama’s Ethics In Michaelmas term 2016, the Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion (DLCC) sponsored a public seminar series led by DLCC Fellow Professor Paul Lodge, based on the Dalai Lama’s 1999 book, Ancient Wisdom, Modern World: Ethics for a New … Continue reading →
  • Compassion for Schools

    Compassion for Schools

    We are very pleased to announce a new and exciting project, Compassion for Schools. We are further delighted to announce that the project will be developed during the coming year in partnership with the renowned Dragon School in Oxford. Regular readers will recall that during August 2016, the Director of … Continue reading →


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